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SVG Immersion is a podcast that empowers you to passively learn SVG. Each episode is a deep dive in to one SVG concept, designed to supplement and reinforce difficult concepts. The podcast also features conversations with thought leaders in the SVG space discussing what tools and techniques they use, how they'd explain a particular SVG concept if they were teaching a friend, and one free, but valuable resource, they can offer to help you learn SVG.
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May 9, 2015

Interview with  the founders of , a mobile and web design agency headed up by Claudia Romano & Sebastiano Guerriero.

Claudia & Sebastiano are the dynamic duo behind sites like–a treasure cove of organized html/css/js recipes, and more recently, Nucleo, a library of 1100+ vector icons accompanied by a web app to manage and customize them. The icons are available in several formats, but since we’re an SVG show, we’re going to dive deep on that aspect of the icon set and application.


Show Links -a mobile and web design agency headed up by Claudia Romano & Sebastiano Guerriero
Nucleo Icons


Sebastiano’s Dribble
Pixel Grid Alignment Example (courtesy of Sebastiano Guerriero)
Joni Trythall–SVG Pocket Guide
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Loop Freesky–dEbE:

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May 6, 2015

Interview with Creative Technologist at Adobe–CJ Gammon

Animation Experience

In high school/college built animations in Flash mostly using the timeline, fed off the love for sites like Homestar Runner that created quality episodic animations that could be built relatively fast in flash and shared on the web.

Design Experience

First fell in love with vector art doing graphic design logos and illustrations in illustrator on brand concepts for companies like Miller & SC Johnson

Interactive Experience

Would bring illustrations to life with animation and interactivity through flash games and rich websites and banner ads. Adobe -Built a lot of web demos showing off adobe's work, now contributing to tools and experimental projects.


Show Links
sometimes CJ tweets about this stuff or other stuff I'm interested in:
here's his branch of greensock with the Snap plug-in:
Snap demos discussed:
Petr Tichy’s SVG Christmas


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